Who We Are

The Busy Brain Company is a small family run business.

We have been in the childrens industry for nearly 40 years.

We have 5 children and now 4 wonderful grandchildren.

The revelation

Whilst on holiday recently we came across a shopping arcade selling The Intelligence Devil Tower. We bought one set for our three year old grandson Oscar who has a particularly enquiring mind.

When we returned home and gave it to him he absolutely loved it and could not put it down. It goes everywhere with him, out to lunch, on holiday and of course when he comes to stay with us. He does have a job to fend the adults off as they want to “play” with it as well!

When we have told people about it and shown photos of Oscar playing with it they all ask where they can get them from. The answer is it would be very difficult.

One of our sons is a teacher and he was particularly interested in it and the potential it has in schools, nurseries, child development clinics and childrens centres.

This is when The Busy Brain Company was born.